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Physical Therapy Careers

American Physical Therapy Association 

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) represents more than 75,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and physical therapy students throughout the United States.  Among the Association’s objectives are enhancement of physical therapy education, practice, and research; accreditation of physical therapy education programs; communication with members; improvement of minority participation and representation in the profession; quality assurance; professional development and continuing education; interaction with governmental agencies and legislative bodies; attention to reimbursement issues and development and implementation of public relations programs.

Additional Information for Physical Therapy Schools 

  • All schools require a bachelor's degree before pursuing a master's in physical therapy.
  • Grade point average is very important.
  • A wide range of experience may be helpful. Volunteer your time with a variety of physical therapists and/or athletic trainers.
  • Application to physical therapy school is usually separate from the school with which it is affiliated. It is possible to be accepted to the school, but not the physical therapy program.
  • Do not apply to schools if you have not completed all the prerequisites or will have them completed by the beginning of the program.
  • Choose a major that the prerequisites will complement.
  • Demonstrate activities outside of school, i.e. church, community, club activities.

NOTE: Always plan ahead to schools you might be interested in, and check out what their specific requirements are.  The above information is only a guideline. Some schools have programs that are closed to out of state residents and/or prefer continuing students.

For more information visit the American Physical Therapy Association website.