Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) at College of San Mateo - Goals
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Thursday, August 14, 2014
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Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

Foundational Goals
  1. Provide and facilitate professional enrichment that inspires, nurtures, and rewards faculty and staff efforts to achieve teaching excellence.
    Institutional Priorities 1-3, 4.3
  2. Collaborate with programs to identify and overcome current teaching and learning obstacles.
    Institutional Priorities 1-3
  3. Create and implement a shared vision of best practices and innovative pedagogy; and assist programs and services designed to achieve greater student engagement, success, and persistence.
    Institutional Priorities 1-3, 5.2-3
  4. Provide a forum for sharing evidence of student success in projects and innovative practices as well as creating a dialogue that includes cross-discipline communication.
    Institutional Priorities 4.3 and 5.2-3
  5. Implement changes to professional development based on recommendations by the chancellor of the California Community Colleges System Student Success Initiative's Professional Development Committee.
Short-term Goals (<1 year)
  1. Increase incoming faculty and staff participation in professional enrichment activities
  2. Improve faculty perception about CSM professional development opportunities
  3. Develop website as a means for disseminating professional development outcomes
Long-term Goals (>1 year)
  1. Institutionalize Reading Apprenticeship
  2. Expand tenure-track professional development program and CCTLP
  3. Increase the number of faculty and staff participating in professional development activities and events
  4. Improve dissemination of professional development outcomes via the SoTL Center and website
  5. Integrate development efforts of SoTL,  Basic Skills Initiative,  Diversity in Action Group,
    Professional Development Committee, Measure G and President's Innovation Fund, and college divisions