Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) at College of San Mateo - Assessment Committee
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No classes November 8-10
Last day to drop semester-long fall classes with a 'W' grade
Monday, November 17
Thanksgiving Break
No classes November 26-30
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Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
College Assessment Committee (CAC)

Members of the CAC 2014-2015
The College Assessment Committee (CAC) is an independent subcommittee of the College of San Mateo Academic Senate and, therefore, reports to the Academic Senate's Governing Council. Because of the extensive nature of assessment, the CAC's membership includes broad representation, comprising faculty from various disciplines, administrators, classified employees, and students. Ideally, one member of the CAC is also on Governing Council and another on Committee on Instruction (COI).

Counseling/Student Services
Kevin Sinarle, DSPS

Denaya Dailey, Fitness

Language Arts
Madeleine Murphy, English

Teresa Morris, Librarian

David Locke, Physics
Lakshmikanta Sengupta, Biology
Santiago Perez Etchavarria, Biology

Creative Arts/Social Science
Jane Jackson, Music

Lilya Vorobey, Drafting Technology

Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza, Dean of Academic Support and Learning Technologies, Chair

Tabitha Conaway, Learning Center

Samantha Trump

Agendas & Meeting Summaries

Agendas Meeting Summaries
Agendas Meeting Summaries
Agendas Meeting Summaries