Reading at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Contact Us

Kristi Ridgway, Interim Dean
(650) 574-6314

Valerie Young, Division Assistant
(650) 574-6314

Faculty Office Building 15, Room 168

Learning to read and reading to learn go hand in hand!

For many college students, formal instruction in academic reading ended years ago. And yet reading classes and independent, lab-only courses can make college textbooks more meaningful and easier to remember. In addition, reading courses help students to:

  • Become better equipped to comprehend material they come across in college and professional careers
  • Take less time to complete reading assignments
  • Improve test performance
  • Improve vocabulary
The Reading Department offers an array of courses designed for students reading at a variety of levels and for a variety of purposes. For proper placement, take a Placement Test and consult with a College of San Mateo counselor, and/or look at the course offerings here on our web site.

Work in the Reading & ESL Center, located in Building 18, Room 101, helps students practice what they learn in the reading classes. Students may also benefit from the Center's self-paced, independent courses.