Program Review at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Spring 2016 Registration
November 16 - January 19
Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
No classes November 25-29
Wounded Warrior Amputees
vs. NFL Alumni

Monday, January 18, 2016
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Program Review

Contact Us

John Sewart
Dean, Office of Planning, Research,
and Institutional Effectiveness
(650) 574-6196

Milla McConnell-Tuite
Coordinator of Planning
(650) 574-6699
If you can’t find something, please refer to the previous Program Review website or contact us directly. We’d be pleased to help!
Program Review is a systematic and evidence-based process of self-study, evaluation, planning, and improvement of instructional, student services, learning support centers, and administrative programs. Program Review requires an institution to assess its own performance. Through careful review, programs will be able to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth, to assure the quality and achievement of the college's mission and priorities.

Key Dates for Spring 2015 Submission Cycle
  • Online program review submissions due: Monday, March 30, 2015

Program Review Resource Requests

Directions and Forms

All programs conduct annual Program Reviews.

For the 2015 submission cycle, online program review is available for instructional programs, Learning Support Centers, and Student Services. For the status of all Spring 2015 submissions, see public view of online submission tool.  Also see Program Review Forms.

Program Review Online Resources

Program Review data and submissions can be accessed via the navigation pane to the left and include: Instructional Programs, the College and Instructional Divisions, Student Services, Administrative Services, Learning Support Centers, and Distance Education Delivery Mode Comparison.
  • Each instructional, Learning Support Center, and student services program has its own page. As applicable, current program data sets are available along with previous program data, submissions, and distance education data 
  • Instructional program data for the college as a whole and for instructional divisions are posted together
  • Distance Education mode-comparison data sets are cross-listed on its own page and with the pertinent program pages
Examples of Model Program Review Reports
View Models for Program Review Spring 2013 Cycle.

Supporting Data
CSM's Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) provides quantitative data for instructional programs and Learning Support Centers.  For definitions of key terms used in data sets, see Glossary of Terms.