Telephone Survey:
Non-registering Information Seekers


The sample was randomly selected from a list of names/numbers of people who contacted CSM seeking information but did not register. The telephone interview was necessarily kept very short.

While the interviewee address information is not listed, it is important to note that interviewees live as far away as Fremont and San Francisco. This probably influences decisions about which school to attend given other factors being equal.

Conflicts with work were the largest reason stated for not enrolling at CSM.

Those people characterizing their contact with CSM as a negative experience (3) all cited an interaction with a counselor at CSM as "negative". Without assuming too much about these conversations, it is clear that this initial contact with counselors at CSM can derail any future relationship with potential enrollees.

Several interviewees said they were presently enrolled at another college in the area. Of these people, about half mentioned a specific program that influenced their place of enrollment. It should be noted that several of these respondents live closer to other campuses than to CSM.




• 50% Female


• 34 (mean)

• 65 (max)

• 18 (mode)


• White - 37%

• Asian - 19%

• Hispanic - 13%

• Filipino - 17%

• Black - 10%

Reasons for Non-registration

• Work/Schedule - 72%

• Negative experience - 2%

• Other college/program - 10%

• Childcare - 6%

• Health - 4%

• Cost - 6%