Physics at College of San Mateo - Degrees & Certificates
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Deadline to submit SEP
Friday, April 28, 12 noon
Spring 2017 Final Exams
Saturday, May 20 - Friday, May 26
Summer 2017 Fee Deadline
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Degrees & Certificates

Associate in Science Degree

Physics 60 units

Associate in Science Degree for Transfer/SB1440

Physics 60 units

University Transfer Program

Use Assist ( to identify lower division major preparation for Business and Accounting for the California State University and the University of California systems. For independent or out-of-state colleges and universities use their catalogs to locate this information. Transfer Services can assist you to gather this information.

The A.S. degree in Physics is designed to prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate institutions as Physics or other science majors. Physics is also an accepted pre-medical field of study. A large percentage of Physics majors select employment with universities as researchers and/or professors. Private industry employs approximately two-thirds of all non-academic physicists in companies manufacturing aircraft and missiles, chemicals, electrical equipment, and scientific equipment. Government, hospitals, and commercial research laboratories also employ Physics graduates. Specific careers include aerodynamist, airplane navigator, air pollution operating specialist, ballistics expert, educator, electrical or mechanical engineer, electrician, hydrologist, industrial hygienist, and electrical, laser, mechanical or optics physicist.