Photography at College of San Mateo - Degrees & Certificates
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AAMajor in Art: Photography

The Major in Art: Photography program offers a foundation in both film based photography and digital photography. Students will learn the basics of photography including composition, traditional film processing, digital imaging, and lighting. Through photography students develop a visual literacy that is useful in any field of study –– developing the ability to observe, discover, and interpret the world. The program provides a solid foundation for students transferring to university baccalaureate photography programs and fine art schools.

Career opportunities include community artist, photography curator, portrait, wedding photography and visual communication specialist. The photography program also accommodates students whose photographic goals are not career-oriented. 


Complete general education and other requirements listed for the associate degree and

Major requirements: 21 semester units

A grade of "C" or higher is required for each course applied to the major.

ART 350 Visual Perception 3 units
ART 351 Beginning Black and White Photography 3 units
ART 352 Intermediate Black and White Photography 3 units
ART 381 Beginning Digital Photography 3 units
ART 391 Experimental Photography I 3 units
ART 383 Intermediate Digital Photography 3 units
ART 396 Documentary Photography I 3 units
ART 353 Advanced Black and White Photography 3 units
ART 384 Advanced Digital Photography 3 units