Priority Enrollment Program (PEP) at College of San Mateo - How to Apply for PEP
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November 12 - January 21
Fall 2014 Final Exams
December 13-19
Fall 2014 official grades
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Wednesday, December 31
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Priority Enrollment Program (PEP)
How to Apply for Priority Enrollment Program (PEP)

1. Admissions Application
Visit to complete an application for admission to College of San Mateo (must be completed prior to placement testing). After applying to the college, students will be emailed a CSM ID number ("G" number) required to access college services.

Students who have previously attended CSM as a Middle College student or Concurrent Enrollment student already have a CSM ID number. However, those students must complete the application for admission one more time to be reclassified as an incoming new student.

When applying, make sure to declare your intent to enroll in the Summer or Fall 2014 term. Students who indicate they are applying for the Summer and Fall terms are encouraged, but not required, to enroll in both summer and fall classes.

2. PEP Request Form
PEP allows students to complete the Steps to Successful Enrollment and gives students priority access to services at CSM. The following steps are part of the Steps to Successful Enrollment which will be completed as part of the PEP Event.
  • Placement Tests/Assessment
    Students are required to complete placement tests prior to attending the Student Orientation & Course Selection Workshop. Test results determine skill level in English or English as a second language and mathematics.

   You must have a "G" number to schedule a testing appointment. Bring photo ID when arriving to take placement tests.

   If you have taken an AP, IB, ACT, EAP, or SAT, you may use scores from those tests instead of our placement tests.
   Click on Alternate Placement Test Form to access a copy of the form.

  • Student Orientation and Course Selection Workshop
    The workshop provides comprehensive information to students in college academic expectations and responsibilities and helps them learn about educational goals and planning.
By applying for PEP, you will be participating in a PEP Event which allows completion of Placement Tests and the Student Orientation and Course Selection Workshop on the same day.  At the conclusion of each PEP Event, students will make an appointment to meet with a CSM counselor a few days later and begin the course selection process.
Please submit a CSM PEP Event Request to apply for PEP.