Nursing at College of San Mateo - Student Advisory Committee
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Fall 2018 Final Exams
December 11-17, 2018
Winter Recess
Dec. 22, 2018 - Jan. 13, 2019
Deadline to pay Spring 2019 fees
January 10, 2019
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Student Advisory Committee

Definition and Goal: The Student Advisory Committee is an ongoing, active committee consisting of students and faculty who meet to review program policies and discuss course concerns. The goal of the committee is to provide an avenue for student input into the program.

Responsibilities: This committee meets monthly to:
  1. Review academic policies of the nursing program and provide input to revisions
  2. Discuss course concerns of the students and discuss possible solutions
  3. Recommend possible methods/procedures to enhance learning
  4. Relay information of Advisory Committee meetings to classmates
  5. Attend Nursing Department/Curriculum meetings as class representative
Membership: The committee consists of:
  1. Two volunteer representatives from each class
  2. An officer of the Nursing Students Association
  3. The Nursing Director and the Assistant Nursing Director