Modern Language Center

The Modern Language Center at College of San Mateo provides additional assistance for students enrolled in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish courses. Services Include:

Up-to-Date Technology
The MLC employs eight computer stations (4 PC's and 4 Macintosh) designed to run language software, DVD's, etc. In addition, each computer contains high-speed Internet which students may use to access language audio files uploaded on the Internet.
Language Software
The MLC contains software/computer programs, for every foreign language we offer, aimed at improving students' skills in their respective languages.
Audio and Video Language Resources
The MLC provides numerous instructional CD's, cassettes, videos, DVD's to help further language learning.
Additional Literary Resources
The MLC contains additional textbooks, dictionaries, and other literary resources in all foreign languages for your convenience.
Instructor Tutoring
Modern Language faculty are present at the lab to provide additional tutoring in to students. Check our schedule to find out when professors are present in the lab.