Modern Language Center

Where is the Modern Language Center (MLC) located?

The MLC is located on the first floor of Building 18, Room 112.

What languages does the MLC offer?
The MLC contains language materials for Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Are we allowed to bring food and drink into the MLC?
No. Food and drink is not allowed inside the lab.

How can I use the equipment inside the lab?
You must have some form of ID or objects of importance (cell phone, keys, watch, etc.) to use our equipment.

Is talking permitted inside the lab?
Students may discuss issues of modern language inside the lab using inside voices. Cell phone use is not permitted.

Where can I get one-on-one tutoring for the language I'm  learning?
Modern Language faculty are always present in the lab and are available to students. Check the recent schedule to see when faculty are present and at what times.