METaS at College of San Mateo - METaS Book Program

METaS Book Program

Math and science textbooks can be expensive, so METaS is here to help reduce educational costs. Students can choose either the Book Voucher Program or the Lending Library.

Book Voucher Program

Qualifying students will be given a voucher for the CSM Bookstore. These vouchers can only be used for required textbooks for classes taught at CSM.

Lending Library

Qualifying students can check out a textbook for the full semester. There is no charge to the student for borrowing these textbooks. Textbooks must be returned to METaS at the end of the semester.

Currently the following textbooks are available from the METaS Lending Library:
  • BIOL 100
  • BIOL 110
  • BIOL 210 (coming Fall 2017
  • BIOL 220 
  • BIOL 240
  • CHEM 231 (coming Fall 2017)
  • CIS 110
  • CIS 279
  • MATH 120
  • MATH 130
  • MATH 251/252
  • PHYS 210
  • PHYS 250
  • PHYS 260
To apply for either the Book Voucher Program or the Lending Library, please fill out the application and bring it to Building 36, Room 305G.