Literature at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Madeleine Murphy
(650) 574-6344
Education is not just about changing your life. It’s about letting life change you.

CSM’s literature courses offer you the chance to claim part of your birthright as a human being: the stories, experiences and songs of people – from the past and the present, from far-off lands and from your home town.

In books, you can enter strange worlds, and find yourself completely at home. You can listen to some of the best things people have said, and make them your own.

Reasons to take a literature class:
  • For transfer students – literature classes offer university credit and satisfy IGETC requirements.
  • For English majors – literature classes satisfy requirements for the English AA degree. And for those of you wishing to major in English at university, our literature courses form a planned, two-year program (beginning in even years) that articulate directly with most core English major requirements at UC and CSU.
  • For those of you groaning “Not another English class!” – literature classes are not English classes. While most include some writing, they focus on reading and response rather than practice in composition skills.
  • For just curious students – Our literature classes can be taken as credit/no-credit classes (800-level series) for those of you who are just interested (homework assignments are lighter).
  • For all sentient beings: Literature is awesome. Literally.
Literature offerings at College of San Mateo

Fall 2014
LIT 201 American Literature I (3) LIT 823 American Literature I (3)
LIT 220 Introduction to World Literature (3) LIT 820 Introduction to World Literature (3)
LIT 430 Greek Mythology and Classical Literature (3) LIT 830 Greek Mythology and Classical Literature (3)

Spring 2015
LIT 105 The Bible as Literature (3) LIT 809 Bible as Literature (3)
LIT 202 American Literature II (3) LIT 824 American Literature II (3)