Library Orientations

Orientation requests are not available during break, when the Library is closed. We apologize for any inconvenience, and look forward to hearing from you when the summer session starts on June 13th.

College of San Mateo librarians offer one-hour orientation sessions introducing basic library and research skills. The ability to identify, analyze, and use information is fundamental to a successful career in higher education and in the workplace. Throughout their studies, students will conduct research and synthesize information. In addition to general skills, many disciplines require students to acquire specialized research skills.

Topics you may wish us to cover with your class or program include:
Orientations are easy to schedule:

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2. You will receive confirmation of the date and time of your orientation.
3. Accompany your class to the orientation. Note: Instructors are required to accompany their class. If an instructor fails to accompany their class, the orientation will be cancelled. Orientations can be scheduled any time the library is open.