Disable Internet Explorer Protected Mode

If you try connecting to our WiFi printer and the driver installation fails, it may be due to an IE security setting for your Internet and Local Intranet zones.

You may be unable to connect to our WiFi printer if Protected Mode is On while using IE7 or IE8 on Windows Vista or Windows 7 personal laptop computers. 

See bottom right corner of IE window to know if Protected Mode is on or off.
Protected Mode: On as it appears in browser window

1. Double click Protected Mode: On to bring up the Internet Options window.

Internet security window

2. Uncheck Enable Protected Mode under Internet Security.

3. Go to Local Intranet tab and be sure that Enable Protected Mode is unchecked.local intranet security window

4. Click Sites button.

5. Click Advanced button.
local intranet settings window

6. Add WiFi printer address to list of safe websites.

safe websites add window

7. Click OK.

8. If prompted with Warning! dialog box, Click OK.

warning window

9. Close all Internet Explorer windows and restart Internet Explorer for the change to take effect.

10. You should now see Protected Mode: Off in the lower right hand of IE for internet.

Internet protected mode off

and Local intranet (WiFi website)

Local intranet protected mode off

11. After downloading and installing the printer driver and completing your first print job you may reverse these steps to enable protected mode for IE again.  In the future, since the printer address is in your list of safe intranet websites you should be able to print using our WiFi printer whether IE Protected Mode is on or off.