Learning Communities at College of San Mateo - Writing in the End Zone
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Learning Communities
Writing in the End Zone

This learning community links Composition, Reading and Varsity Football. Students will continue intensive critical reading and writing practice, focusing on expository texts. Students will reflect on and refine their reading and writing processes, learn to incorporate a variety of advanced and sophisticated sentence structures in their writing, and write logically organized and developed academic, text-based essays on a variety of socially and culturally significant topics, some of which may relate to athletics.
Fall Semester Classes
93003 ENGL 838 CB
TBA Hours:
By Arr 
1.0 Hr/Wk  
Stafford 5.0
94853 KINE 135 AB TTh 1:10-2:00 10-193 Pollack 2.0
92999 ENGL 110 AJ
TBA Hours:
By Arr
1.0 Hr/Wk
James 3.0
93119 TEAM 135 L1
Starts 8/22, ends 11/21
By Arr 8.0 Hrs/Wk 08-FOOT Pollack 2.0