Learning Disabilities Services at College of San Mateo - FAQs
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Learning Disabilities Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the characteristics of learning disabilities?

You have a history of learning difficulties. You feel that you work harder than your peers to obtain your grades. You have repeated math and English courses. You run out of time when taking exams. You are on academic probation or dismissal for poor grades. If these do sound familiar, then you may be eligible for a learning disability assessment.

First, complete an intake packet at the DRC front desk (Building 10, Room 120), then schedule a 30-minute appointment with the Learning Disabilities Specialist. Conversely, you may also choose to enroll in DSKL 800 - Learning Skills Assessment. 

What is the process to receive services through the Disability Resource Center?

WITH documentation: 

If you have documentation such as learning disability testing records, Psycho-educational reports, previous community college assessment, or an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) that substantiates a learning disability, bring this documentation to the Disabilities Resource Center located in building 10, room 120 and schedule an appointment to meet with our Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist who will review your records. 

WITHOUT documentation:
Contact the Disability Resource Center to complete an intake packet. This packet covers questions pertaining to your history of learning difficulties, educational history, medical history, and how it is impacting your academics. You will be scheduled an appointment with a Learning Disabilities Specialist to review this information and make recommendations such as learning disability assessment. You may also call 650-574-6438 for further information

How do you determine who will be assessed for a learning disability?

Whether a student is recommended to continue with the assessment process is based on many factors including; history of difficulties, effort versus results, history of repeating classes and other factors. If further assessment is the appropriate next step, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled with the Learning Disabilities Specialist to begin the assessment process. Offered are one-on-one appointments or a more in-depth DSKL 800 Learning Skills Assessment course.