International Education Program at College of San Mateo - Adjudicating your Change of Status
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International Education Program
Adjudicating your Change of Status

After receiving the application for a change of status, USCIS reviews the documentation and then determines whether or not a change of status should be granted.

When USCIS has begun processing your application, they will send you a Notice of Action. This is a receipt which informs you that the application has been received and is being processed. The notice will have an “application receipt number.” Keep this notice in a safe place. You can use it to check the status of your case online.

If USCIS adjudicating officer feels that additional information is needed in order to complete the review of your application, you will be sent a Request for Evidence (RFE). Please note that the only circumstance in which USCIS is required to issue an RFE is when initial evidence (evidence that is specifically indicated in the regulations, on the application or petition, or on accompanying instructions) is missing from the application. Issuance of an RFE is discretionary. This means that if your application is complete, but the evidence provided is insufficient to support your application, it can be denied without an RFE being issued beforehand.

After the application has been adjudicated, you will receive written notification of the decision. Once the Change of Status has been APPROVED, please notify the International Student Center within 15 days of receipt.If you do not receive a decision prior to the orientation and beginning of semester, please plan to attend the orientation and enroll in classes as a full-time student. In the case of a denial of your change of status, we will assist you in dropping your classes and petitioning for a refund of the enrollment and tuition fees. You must then return home to your country.