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The Mammoth Cometh and its happening right here in our backyard. The NY Times Magazine story details the work of Ben Novak in UC Santa Cruz and the use of genetic engineering to save species from extinction as well as his work to resurrect extinct species. Called “de-extinction,” the idea of returning an extinct species like the Woolly Mammoth presents all kinds of ethical and environmental questions. Both positive and negative. Read the article to see what’s taking place in Santa Cruz, a short hour and half drive southwest of College of San Mateo.

Student Haoran Yu from China caught the Rockets vs. Warriors basketball game on Thursday, February 20. The Warriors not just won, but won in style, providing a thrilling finish when the Warriors tied the game in the last three seconds. They went on to win 102-99. You can find his pictures on our Flickr page.

Even if you’re stuck indoors studying, take a break to enjoy this beautiful weather. Yes, there is a drought in California so be sure to save on water when you’re at home, but let’s enjoy our golden winter! Here’s a website with a list of hikes near San Mateo. But this will be a great weekend to enjoy the coast. If you’ve only got a couple of hours, take Highway 92 west to Half Moon Bay. Once you get to Highway 1, turn left and drive for about 15 minutes until you spot the Ritz Carlton. There’s a beautiful beach area there to enjoy. Plus you can feel all fancy because you’re hanging out near the Ritz Carlton. If you’ve got more time, take the drive all the way down to Santa Cruz, then take Highway 17 back to 280 north.

Hunger Games

College of San Mateo and the International Student Center are open again. We were closed for the Presidents’ Day holiday.

The next non-school day for students will be Wednesday, March 5, and then Spring Break the week of March 31. The International Student Center will be open during those days.


Hope you had an enjoyable break!

The new semester kicked off today to beautiful Bay Area weather! We wish all the students at College of San Mateo, and especially our international students, all the best in the new semester. Today the International Student Center assisted many of our international students make adjustments to their class schedules, find buildings and classrooms, and answer an assortment of miscellaneous questions. We look forward to assisting you throughout the semester and hope you stop by just to say hello as well!

Welcome back to the almost start of the Spring 2014 semester! Business Insider has an interesting post about the meaning of the names of all 50 U.S. states. The names really reflect the cultural and geographical mix that the U.S. embodies. Here’s a few interesting ones:

California: In his popular novel “Las sergas de Esplandián” published in 1510, writer Garci Ordóñez de Montalvo named an imaginary realm California. Spanish explorers of the New World could have mistaken Baja California as the mythical place. Where Montalvo learned the name and its meaning remain a mystery.

Tennessee: From Cherokee (Iroquoian) village name ta’nasi’ of unknown origin.

New York: Named in honor of the Duke of York and Albany, the future James II. York comes from Old English Eoforwic, earlier Eborakon, an ancient Celtic name probably meaning “Yew-Tree Estate.”

Read more:

Review of Twin Peaks in San Francisco
Want to catch a panoramic view of San Francisco at night? Head over to Twin Peaks, the second highest point in the city (925ft), and be dazzled by the city lights below. Be sure to bundle up and go on a clear night because a fog will obscure the view.

Review of Treasure Island view of the San Francisco night skyline
Want to see a picture-postcard view of the San Francisco night skyline? Head over to Treasure Island, where you can see the full expanse of the skyline in all its glory and let it take your breath away; definitely lovelier to see it in person than on a mere postcard.

Reviews courtesy of Sharon Ho, Singapore.
Visit Sharon’s blog for more great reviews.


Hunger Games

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Despite being superior to the first Hobbit movie, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug nevertheless still disappoints. While still entertaining, the movie is bloated, overlong and suffers from middle-movie narrative issues. This is what happens when a 300-odd page book is stretched into three movies each spanning about 3 hours.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Catching Fire is the best young adult book-to-movie adaptation there is. Directed by Francis Lawrence of I am Legend fame, the movie is vastly superior to The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen is the heart and soul of the movie. Emotionally thrilling for both fans and newcomers alike.

Reviews courtesy of Sharon Ho, Singapore.
Visit Sharon’s blog for a more in-depth look at these two movies.


Hunger Games

It was so much fun to participate in Black Friday here in my first year in college! It was a very crazy day!! I went to San Francisco with my friends on Thursday night. We left San Mateo at five in the afternoon and we stayed there untill midnight!! It was very interesting to me to be in San Francisco but surrounded by many people speaking in Chinese around me!! There were a lot of people waiting in line to get in the big shopping mall like Macy’s, and most of them were Asian! I could not remember that I was in America for a moment, because almost 90% of people were using Chinese! It was so weird! I think maybe there were so many Asians because most of the Americans were having a “turkey time” at home with their family!

We went back to San Mateo at 11 p.m. by BART, and then we drove to Gilroy right after we got home! We were going to the outlet shopping center!! And no surprise at all there were a bunch of people already there!!! All of the stores were full of people and we definitely decided to join them!! I couldn’t remember which store we started from or which one we ended at because we didn’t stop shopping!! We really got some good deals! A lot of stuff had big sales, at least 50% off!! My friend got a hat for five dollars! I also got some other good deals! I got a sweater for twelve dollars, and a pair of boots for forty-three dollars!! It was a long and crazy day, but I enjoyed it a lot! We left the outlets at 7 a.m. because our friend — the driver — was exhausted. I actually didn’t think there would be an end to our shopping, but we got in the car and went back home.

Courtesy of Winnie Wu, Taiwan

Recently I decided to take a tour around the San Francisco area. I hadn’t been to all the great areas in SF and I also thought that it would take me the whole day to tour the city. However, i hopped on the Big Bus and it was an amazing adventure, especially at night when everything looked so beautiful with all the sparkling lights from the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge. The tour started from Fisherman’s Wharf then took us through Union Street to the Presidio, where you can enjoy the views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then up the historic Nob Hill, across the Bay Bridge and so on. Biking along the Golden Gate Bridge and the Beach was also something I enjoyed. Due to the sunset everything looked amazing and romantic. If you have the chance to tour the city do it on the Big Bus tour you should do it, especially at night!

Review courtesy of Yesuujin Oyungerel, Mongolia