It was so much fun to participate in Black Friday here in my first year in college! It was a very crazy day!! I went to San Francisco with my friends on Thursday night. We left San Mateo at five in the afternoon and we stayed there untill midnight!! It was very interesting to me to be in San Francisco but surrounded by many people speaking in Chinese around me!! There were a lot of people waiting in line to get in the big shopping mall like Macy’s, and most of them were Asian! I could not remember that I was in America for a moment, because almost 90% of people were using Chinese! It was so weird! I think maybe there were so many Asians because most of the Americans were having a “turkey time” at home with their family!

We went back to San Mateo at 11 p.m. by BART, and then we drove to Gilroy right after we got home! We were going to the outlet shopping center!! And no surprise at all there were a bunch of people already there!!! All of the stores were full of people and we definitely decided to join them!! I couldn’t remember which store we started from or which one we ended at because we didn’t stop shopping!! We really got some good deals! A lot of stuff had big sales, at least 50% off!! My friend got a hat for five dollars! I also got some other good deals! I got a sweater for twelve dollars, and a pair of boots for forty-three dollars!! It was a long and crazy day, but I enjoyed it a lot! We left the outlets at 7 a.m. because our friend — the driver — was exhausted. I actually didn’t think there would be an end to our shopping, but we got in the car and went back home.

Courtesy of Winnie Wu, Taiwan