We are happy to announce some new additions to our website. In our continual efforts to address the needs of our applicants and our students, as well as making our website robust, we’ve added two new pages.

The first new page is a list of our partner language schools. International student applicants to College of San Mateo (CSM) are required to meet an English proficiency requirement. However, if applicants meet all our other requirements except for the English proficiency requirement, they can attend one of our partner language schools. Once they near completion of the designated level of proficiency at the partner language school they can complete the application for admission process to CSM and gain admission to the college.

We’ve also added a Housing page which addresses finding either temporary housing or long term housing. The temporary housing page includes links to search for local hotels to CSM as well as list of area hotels and bus routes/driving directions to the college. The long term housing page provides information on the kind of questions to ask when looking for housing, types of housing, housing terms, and much more.