Welcome to the start of a new semester!
It’s almost the first day of the semester (already!). We are looking forward to greeting all our new and returning students soon. For now, a few reminders:

  • If you are wait listed for a class, you may still attend the first class meeting. Show up early and sit in the front of the class. Make sure the teacher knows that you are interested in adding into the class. Also, introduce yourself as an international student. If you are unable to add the class and will then have less than 12 units, please come to the International Student Center immediately so we can help!
  • Also, if you are on a waiting list, print your schedule from WebSMART and bring it to class with you so that you can be prepared to show the professor your number on the waiting list.
  • Arrive early to the campus next week. There will be a lot of cars and traffic because of the many students who will be coming to campus as well as due to the construction at the back of the campus. If you’re driving, come at least 45 minutes early. If you’re taking a bus, try to catch an earlier than usual bus.

CSM Welcome Day, Friday, August 16
Success starts on the hill! Join us as we kick off the fall semester! Come to Welcome Day and receive a free pancake breakfast, have an opportunity to pick-up your student ID card, and learn about what to expect for the start of the semester. The Welcome Day starts at 9 a.m. with breakfast served until 10 a.m.

English Language Practice Hangout
Thanks to all the new international students who participated in the English Language Practice Hangout. We had a terrific group which made it a lot of fun. Last week was our last meeting, but we hope that you continue to stay involved in future activities.