Institutional Research at College of San Mateo - Tracking Student Progress Through Core Disciplines: English, ESL, and Math
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Institutional Research
Tracking Student Progression through Core Disciplines: English, ESL, and Math

Presented are two series of reports tracking basic skills student progression in English, ESL, and mathematics. The first series is excerpted from CSM's 2013 Self Evaluation and tracks student progression from basic skills to any higher level course (whether basic skills or transfer) within a discipline. The second series tracks student progression from basic skills through transfer-level.

Update from CSM's 2013 Self Evaluation
English progression

ESL progression

Mathematics progression (includes transfer-level MATH 125 and above)

Tracking Student Progression from Basic Skills through Transfer-level
This information tracks CSM student’s initial enrollment and subsequent success at the various ‘entry points’ for courses in 3 disciplines: English, ESL, and Mathematics. In addition, students who begin at various entry points are tracked across time for eventual completion of subsequent transfer ‘milestone’ coursework in these disciplines. Milestone courses are those satisfying CSU and UC General Education transfer requirements in Mathematics and English Composition. Milestone tracking for English and ESL students is extended, in a separate report, which considers progression beyond ENGL 100 to coursework satisfying the CSU GE and/or IGETC Critical Thinking transfer requirements. Additional transfer milestone tracking for Math students analyzes subsequent enrollment in any coursework above MATH 241. An ethnicity profile of all transfer milestone completers is also presented.

The tracking period of time varies for the disciplines and courses analyzed. This is to allow for sufficient CSM enrollment time to capture eventual student success in sequences of courses that may require several semesters to complete. Student outcomes in English and ESL are tracked Fall 2003 – Fall 2011; Math tracking is Fall 2000 – Spring 2010.

Initial enrollment in the following courses are tracked as noted above:

  • ENGL 828, 838, 848, 100
  • ESL 400
  • MATH 811, 802, 110, 111, 120, 122
Tracking Student Progression from Basic Skills through Transfer-level