Honors Project at College of San Mateo - Honors Option Points
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Thursday, August 14, 2014
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Honors Project
Honors Option Points

Set Your Own Goals with Honors Option Points (HOPs)

Competitive universities are looking for a clear demonstration of your ability to succeed not only as a student but as leader, collaborator, and an active contributor to the campus community. We acknowledge that you all have different life circumstances, strengths, and ambitions, so we try to offer you many choices as you plan your experience in the Honors Project.

Starting in the 2013-2014 academic year, Honors Project students may choose from different levels of involvement, achievement, and corresponding transcript recognition. Our three levels of achievement and our Honors Option Points (HOPs) system provide you with real flexibility as to how you choose to further yourself academically and personally at CSM.

The more you get involved, the more HOPs you earn. The more HOPs you earn, the higher your Honors.

Which level do you choose?
  1. Honors Project Scholar: Student completes three seminars, at least one in each cluster AND earns more than 12 HOPs
  2. Honors Project Achiever: Student completes two seminars or three seminars (only in one area) AND / OR earns fewer than 9 HOPs
  3. Honors Project Participant: Student successfully completes a project during a given semester. The experience of the Seminar only.
What are HOPs?

It is as simple as this: you can earn points for your achievements.

We have designed the Honors Option Points system to provide you with both the incentive and the recognition for the activities both within and outside the classroom that will further your goals, both for transfer and personal growth while you are a CSM student.

What earns you HOPs?
  1. Honors Showcase Presentation: 1 point per CSM Honors Showcase
  2. Campus club membership: 1 per club per semester for up to two clubs
  3. Club elected officer: 1 point per semester served
  4. Student Government officer: 1 point per semester served
  5. Academic conference attendance: 1 point per conference
  6. Academic conference Presentation: 1 point per presentation
  7. Academic paper publication: 1 point per paper
  8. Patent: 1 point per patent
  9. Honors Seminars: 2 points for each additional Honors Seminar beyond the requisite three.
  10. CSM Athletics: 1 point per sport per season
  11. Special Projects: 1-2 points (discretion of Coordinators)
  12. Internships: 1-2 points
  13. CSM Ambassadors: 1 point per year
  14. Peer Mentors: 1 point per year
  15. Peer Tutors: 1 point per year
  16. Musical Ensemble: 1 point semester
  17. Study abroad: 2 points per semester (with written reflection TBA)
  18. GPA above 3.75 in 15 transferable units: 1 point per semester
  19. Honors at Canada or Skyline: 1 point per honors course while a part of Honors Project (up to three)
  20. Newsletter Editorial Staff
    • Editor-in-Chief: 2 points per semester
    • Sub-editors: 1 point per semester
  21. Honors E-Portfolio (starting Spring 2014): 1-2 points (discretion of Coordinators)
  22. Other activities by petition
Note: You may earn Honors Option Points (HOPs) each semester you are active in the Honors Project (taking a seminar) and two in which you are not.