Guided Pathways at College of San Mateo - Team
Guided Pathways


Guided Pathways Steering Team

The Guided Pathways Steering Team generates reports/documents, budget, presentations to cabinet and senate, and sets Guided Pathways Steering Team meetings and agendas.
Peter von Bleichert Professor, Business/Vice President Academic Senate (Faculty Lead)
Anniqua Rana Interim Director, Guided Pathways and Transitions
Rene Anderson Professor, Language Arts
Yvette Butterworth Professor, Math
Allie Fasth Adjunct Instructor/Year One Coordinator
Kelsey Harrison ACCEL Transition Coordinator
Jane Jackson Professor, Music
Kristi Ridgway Interim Dean, Language Arts 
Richard Rojo Director, Marketing
Arielle Smith Counselor, Counseling

Guided Pathways Transformation Team (T2)

The Guided Pathways Transformation Team (T2) is responsible for setting the vision and framework for Guided Pathways at CSM, as well as reporting to divisions and the Guided Pathways Steering Team.
William Alexander Student
Ron Andrade Manager, Learning Center
Lizette Bricker Dean, Enrollment Services
Denise Carrasco Student
Sandra Stefani Comerford Vice President, Instruction
Tabitha Conaway Adjunct Instructor, History/Learning Center
David Danielson Professor, Philosophy
Laura Demsetz Dean, Creative Arts & Social Science
Heidi Diamond Dean, Business & Technology
Kamran Eftekhari Professor, Computer Information Science
Alicia Frangos Program Services Coordinator, Student Success, Counseling
Charlene Frontiera Dean, Math/Science
Hilary Goodkind Interim Dean, Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)
Fauzi Hamadeh Student Life & Leadership Assistant
Mohsen Janatpour Professor, Astronomy
Kim Lopez Vice President, Student Services
Monique Nakagawa Analyst, PRIE
Christine Paletu’a Student
Ashley Perrilliat Student
Stephanie Roach Professor, Library Studies/Librarian, Library
Jasmine Robinson Director of Web Services, Information Technology Services
Krystal Romero Dean, Counseling
Kathleen Sammut Counselor, Counseling
Mikel Schmidt Professor, PE/Athletics
Jeremiah Sims Director of Equity
Taani Taumalolo Student
Carol Ullrich Coordinator, Counseling
Olivia Viveros Project Director, MESA
Andreas Wolf Dean, PE/Athletics
Catherine Yee Student