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Gray Shirt Program

Improvement, Opportunity and Unity - I.O.U.

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"Building the foundation to ensure that the pride and winning tradition of the CSM Bulldogs will continue in the future."

About the Program
The CSM Shirt Program was developed to help Gray Shirt and Red Shirt players improve both academically and athletically during the football season. It allows these athletes the opportunity to get a head start in achieving personal and team goals at College of San Mateo. The ultimate goal of the Shirt Program is "Building the foundation to ensure that the pride and winning tradition of the CSM Bulldogs will continue in the future."

The motto for this program is I.O.U. (Improvement, Opportunity & Unity). The Shirt Program is an I.O.U. for all who participate. They dedicate their mind, body and soul in order to reap the benefits and collect in the future. The Shirt Program is dedicated to helping athletes improve. Through this program they improve physically through the rigorous training program; mentally through the specialized lectures and strict rules; and emotionally through the game type situations they face at practice. Each athlete is given the opportunity to showcase their skills to both teammates and coaches. Most importantly this program builds unity among the Shirts and the entire team. Today's Shirts are tomorrow's leaders.

Gray Shirt players practice and travel with the team, get a one-year head start in the classroom as well as get a full extra year to develop as a player without starting their eligibility clock. Aside from the improvements seen on the football field, major improvements take place in the weight room. These athletes are exposed to highly advanced weight lifting and speed workouts. Progress is measured through frequent testing and a detailed point system. The Shirts receive rewards for improvement which might include Bulldog "Shirt" gear, pizza and eligibility to play in the weekly "Shirt Game". Shirts who dedicate themselves are allowed to compete in the weekly "Shirt Game" which is a live blue versus white game also known as "Super Bowl Thursday". This program helps the Shirts stay motivated throughout the season and, as a result, players who have completed it have gone on to have great success.