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Athletic Development

Discipline, consistency and old-fashioned hard work.

Athletic DevelopmentAthletic DevelopmentAthletic DevelopmentAthletic Development

Training Philosophy

College of San Mateo's training philosophy is focused on developing football players into better athletes. It is a comprehensive program focusing on strength, speed, quickness and agility training. Without a doubt, our training program builds bigger, faster, and stronger athletes.

Strength Training
The primary focus is to develop proper form and technique. All lifts performed are football-related focusing on ground-based lifts and explosion. Detailed coaching and teaching is done on a daily basis. Feedback and performance reviews are done frequently to ensure that a proper work ethic is created.

Speed and Agility Training
All efforts are made to ensure that our athletes increase both their overall speed and agility. We first focus on building a solid foundation of overall general conditioning and then proceed to teaching proper running form and techniques.

Athletic Index
The athletic index is a measurement used by coaches to test  overall athletic ability compared to current four-year college players. It is basically a summarized score of tests used to measure  upper body strength, lower body strength, speed, quickness, explosion, agility, and overall conditioning. It serves as an excellent motivating factor and a way that the athletes can measure their progress throughout the year.

Average Improvements
After two years in the program, athletes have shown tremendous gains; the average gain in the bench press is 90 lbs; the average gain in the squat is 140 lbs; and the average decrease in a player's 40-yard dash is .2 seconds. The coaches place a huge emphasis on focusing on players who want to develop and make themselves into better athletes. Nothing less is tolerated!!!

Training Calendar
College of San Mateo's athletic development program is 45-weeks in length. It is a comprehensive program aiming to increase athletic ability and prevent injury. As such, the program is aligned with the athlete's football practice schedule to ensure maximum output while avoiding overtraining, burnout and injury.

Combine Results
Every year in May, there is a junior college combine in which players can perform in front of many four-year schools.  College of San Mateo athletes have historically dominated these events, impressing four-year coaches with their performance. Due to our relentless attention to detail and coaching, our athletes have repeatedly been at the top of the charts and continue to break combine records.