Final Examination Schedule at College of San Mateo
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Final Examination Schedule
BooksFall 2014

Fall 2014 final exams will be held Saturday, December 13 - Friday, December 19.

Final examinations are held in the classroom in which the class has met during the semester.

Students are requested not to contact instructors or the Office of Admissions and Records for individual grades.
Final grades will be available beginning December 31, 2014, on WebSMART at

When a course consists of lecture and laboratory, the final examination is scheduled according to the time of the lecture. If your class meets at a time other than those listed, please check with your instructor for further information regarding your final examination. If there is an unavoidable conflict in your final examination schedule, see your instructor in one of the classes and request to take the examination with another class. Examinations start promptly at hours indicated and are held in the same room in which the class regularly meets.

Day Classes
Time and Days of Regular Class MeetingTime and Day of Final Examination
8:10 am MWF, MW, Daily 8:10-10:40 am Friday Dec 19
8:10 am TTh, T, Th 8:10-10:40 am Tuesday Dec 16
9:10 am MWF, MW, Daily 8:10-10:40 am Wednesday Dec 17
9:35/9:45 am TTh, T, Th 8:10-10:40 am Thursday Dec 18
10:10 am MWF, MW, Daily 8:10-10:40 am Monday Dec 15
11:10 am TTh, T, Th 11:10-1:40 pm Tuesday Dec 16
11:10 am MWF, MW, Daily 11:10-1:40 pm Wednesday Dec 17
12:10 pm MWF, MW, Daily 11:10-1:40 pm Monday Dec 15
12:35/12:45 pm TTh, T, Th 11:10-1:40 pm Thursday Dec 18
1:10/1:35 pm MWF, MW, Daily 2:10-4:40 pm Wednesday Dec 17
1:10 pm TTh, T, Th 2:10-4:40 pm Tuesday Dec 16
2:10 pm MWF, MW, Daily 2:10-4:40 pm Monday Dec 15
2:10 pm TTh, T, Th 2:10-4:40 pm Thursday Dec 18
All Others   11:10 am-1:40 pm Friday Dec 19

Evening/Weekend Classes

Final examinations for all evening, Saturday and Sunday classes will be given during the last class meeting for short courses and as follows for full-term courses:

Monday classes Monday, Dec. 15
Tuesday classes Tuesday, Dec. 16
Wednesday and Monday/Wednesday classes Wednesday, Dec. 17
Thursday and Tuesday/Thursday classes Thursday, Dec. 18
Friday classes Friday, Dec. 19
Saturday classes Saturday, Dec. 13
Sunday classes Sunday, Dec. 14