Financial Aid Services at College of San Mateo - Special SAP Considerations
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December 11-17, 2018
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Dec. 22, 2018 - Jan. 13, 2019
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January 10, 2019
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Financial Aid Services

Special SAP Considerations

Pace Rate calculation is as follows:

Units Completed  = Pace Rate
Units Attempted

Withdrawals and Grades of “Incomplete”: Students who withdraw from classes or receive grades of "incomplete" will have those classes included in the "Pace Rate calculation." "Withdrawals" and "incompletes" will be included with all other classes attempted.

Grades of “F” and “NP”: Students who receive grades of "F" or "NPt" do not receive units for the classes attempted, but the units will be counted towards the maximum time frame. Note, “F” grades will be used in calculating the GPA.

Grades of “D” or better and “P”: Students who receive grades of "D" or better and "P" will receive units for the classes attempted. Thus, these classes would be considered to have been completed and will be used on calculating the maximum time frame, Pace Rate and GPA.

Repeated Courses: CSM Financial Aid will follow the SMCCD policy regarding repeated courses.

Progress in Summer Session: A student's progress in summer session will be counted when assessing cumulative Pace Rate and cumulative GPA.

Please Note: Students who have been placed on suspension may appeal SAP requirements to request reinstatement of financial aid.

For details regarding the appeal process and a full copy of the SAP Policy, please see our district's Financial Aid Handbook.

Questions please contact:

Financial Aid Office
College Center Building 10, Room 360
(650) 574-6146 Phone
(650) 574-6304 Fax