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English as a Second Language (ESL)
ESL Web Sites

These web sites provide extra practice for a range of language learners. They include lessons, exercises, games and quizzes in each of the listed skills.

All Skills

Activities for ESL Students
Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles
Interesting Things for ESL Students Interesting Things for ESL Students
Podcasts, puzzles, poems, etc.
Dave's ESL Cafe
Dave's ESL Cafe
Lessons, quizzes, forums
Isabel's ESL Site Isabel's ESL Site
Grammar, vocabulary, culture, etc.
EFL Club EFL Club
Stories, songs, games, movies, etc.
John's ESL Community
John's ESL Community
Quizzes, games, riddles, holidays, etc.
English Club English Club
Predicting, inferencing, skimming, etc.
USA Learns USA Learns
Reading, speaking and writing tutorials

Core Skills


Book Glutton Book Glutton
Online books
TV 411 TV 411-Reading
Predicting, inference, skimming, etc.
Read Print ReadPrint
Online books


DigiTales Digitales
Tell stories using words and digital images
Sentence Sense Sentence Sense
Writing techniques and practice exercises
Guide to Grammar and Writing Guide to Grammar and Writing
Explanations, tips and quizzes
USA Learns USA Learns
Writing, reading, and speaking tutorials
OWL, ESL - Purdue The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
Writing Reference Guide


Adele's ESL Corner Adele's ESL Corner
Beginning and Intermediate exercises in listening, grammar, and vocabulary
English, baby! English, baby!
Dialogues that include slang and cultural references
English Online France English Online France
Exercises on stories, commercials and movie trailers
Randall's ESL Cyber Cafe Listening Lab Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Everyday conversations and quizzes

Speaking and Pronunciation

Interesting Things for ESL Students American English Pronunciation Practice
Minimal Pairs
Heinle Dictionary Pronunciation Guide
Stress, vowels and consononant sounds
English Club English Club
Word stress, sentence stress, homophones, pronunciation of -ed, etc.
Sounds of English Word Stress
Exercises, activities and tips
English Online France - Pronunciation English Online-France
Rhythm, stress, voiced/voiceless sounds, etc.
Phonetics - University of Iowa University of Iowa
Phonetics Chart
Eva Easton's Authentic American Pronunciation Eva Easton's
Authentic American Pronunciation

Consonant and vowel sounds, etc.

Additional Skills


Adele's ESL Corner Adele's ESL CornerBeginning and intermediate exercises Grammar Quizzes Grammar Quizzes
Lessons and quizzes for a variety of points
English 4 Today English 4 Today
Tips, explanations and Q and A's
Guide to Grammar and Writing Guide to Grammar and Writing
Lessons, tips and interactive quizzes
English with Jennifer English with Jennifer
Videos: tutorials and explanations
NPR: Grammar Grater NPR: Grammar Grater
Podcasts about words, grammar and usage
ESL Help Desk ESL Help Desk
Podcasts, tutorials, explanations
Sentence Sense Sentence Sense
Sentence structure, error treatment and writing techniques

Vocabulary and Spelling

Dictionary.com Dictionary.com
Dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia
Flashcard Exchange Flashcard Exchange
Create and exchange flashcards
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Dictionary of Contemporary English
Definitions, pronunciation and examples
Phrasal Verb Video Dictionary Phrasal Verb Video Dictionary
Student-made videos
Heinle Dictionary Dictionary of American English
Definitions, sample sentences and idioms
Spelling City Spelling City
Word games, pronunciation
English, baby! English, baby!
Popular culture and slang
TV 411 TV 411-Vocabulary
Prefixes, suffixes and roots

For Teachers

Additional Media Resources for Teachers

Preview of PowerPoints, podcasts, blogs, slideshows, cartoons, videos and more!