Digital Media at College of San Mateo - Certificate of Achievement: Graphic Design: Graphic Design
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Digital Media
CADigital Media: Graphic Design

The Graphic Design certificate prepares students for entry-level work in the visual media industry. The curriculum includes basic visual literacy and visual communication skills, the complete software package necessary for employment, typography, graphic design theory and application, and production classes that provide real-world hands-on learning experiences.

The skills that graphic designers possess transcend media boundaries. They may work in print media such as publishing, advertising and package design or three-dimensional media such as environmental graphics, exhibit or display design, or signage. They may design for electronic media such as television, the web, or multimedia or they may create motion graphics and titling for film and video. They may work in information design and interface design.

They may design packaging, books, magazines, and posters, all forms of advertising, corporate communications, corporate identity, environmental and retail design, web design, education design, or nonprofit design. Their creativity and skills are necessary wherever a message and an audience meet, regardless of the media.

Certificate Requirements

27 semester units

A grade of "C" or higher is required for each course applied to the certificate.

DGME 103 Thinking Visually: Fundamentals of Two-Dimensional Design 3 units
DGME 211 Media Design I: Illustrator 3 units
DGME 212 Media Design II: Photoshop 3 units
DGME 215 History of Graphic Design 3 units
DGME 220 Typography 3 units
DGME 230 Publication Design and Production with InDesign 3 units
DGME 235 Graphic Design Theory and Application 4 units
DGME 250 Digital Media Practicum 3 units
DGME 255 Portfolio 2 units

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information