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Spring 2016 Registration
November 16 - January 19
Final Examinations
December 12-18, 2015
Wounded Warrior Amputees
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Saturday, February 6, 2016
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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CSM Cares
Peer Educators

The CSM Peer Educators are a group of students devoted to educating others about mental health. Peer Educators conduct outreach to engage, educate, and support students. They are the first line of support, and oftentimes refer students to other services on campus. The Peers understand and are sensitive to the concerns and challenges their fellow students face, and are a resource for helping students deal with their stressors.

Tim Tim (Lead Peer Educator)
I am a returning college student. I have studied computer science, digital media, photography and creative writing extensively at CSM. I feel very strongly about spreading awareness and fighting the stigma that surrounds mental health. I have had times when I really needed support. I have had my own struggles with what is called “bipolar” and “depression.” The counseling services here are very good and free to all students. They really helped me. The Peer Educators are an extension of that. I am proud to be a Peer Educator because I can connect with fellow students, fight mental health stigma, provide resources, and collaborate with others on campus to support all of our students.

Peer Educator Eric Eric
I am currently enrolled as a full time student majoring in Deaf Studies. I am a proud advocate for LGBTQ people on campus and in our community. As the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance on campus and a Peer Educator I seek to promote an open, comfortable, and safe college for students of all orientations, genders, ability levels, and backgrounds. I typically spend my free time with friends and doing what I enjoy, after all we only have one life to live! I urge everyone to do the same. I am enjoying a range of courses from philosophy to sociology, psychology and ASL. Promoting education on mental health is important to me because I have had personal experiences within my social life, relationships, and family with great people who have shown me the importance of a strong support structure.

Michelle Michelle
As an international student, I understand how important it is for international students to realize that they need to be able to ask for help and support when they need it. Because we are so far from home and families, we don't have friends, relatives, or know who or how to ask if we are feeling stressed dues to pressures from school, culture shock, homesickness, or sadness. When I first came to CSM, I felt helpless and alone. Although the international student center helped me a lot, I still had to deal with feeling alone. I hope that I can help create activities that will help new international students feel less alone and more connected with other students. We also need to let international student know how to reach out for help and support when they need it. As a peer mentor I hope to be someone who can help support other students.

Miley Miley
I am an international student coming from Hong Kong. This is my second year at CSM studying communication. I plan to transfer to a 4-year university next fall. Being an international student, I found everything so new to me after coming to the United States: new culture, new people, and new environment. I have learned a lot in the last year. I hope that I can connect with others by sharing my past experiences. Students often feel like they are alone dealing with various challenges, but the peer educators provide supportive and confidential assistance to help. Even though we may come from different countries and have different backgrounds, through sharing our own stories, we can become closer and more connected. Most importantly, we are not alone!

Sohyeon Sohyeon
I am a psychology major who hopes to eventually become a research scientist! I am an international student from South Korea. Although I came to the United States over one year ago, I still often feel lonely, and I miss my family and friends in South Korea. However, I have made many friends at CSM, and they have been very supportive. As a peer educator, I would like to extend that same friendship to other students. I am a very friendly, optimistic, and cheerful person. If you’re looking for someone supportive to talk with, please reach out to me or another one of the peer educators!


Aaron Schaefer
Student Life and Leadership Manager

Makiko Ueda
Psychological Services Coordinator

Fauzi Hamadeh
Student Life and Leadership Assistant