Counseling Services at College of San Mateo - Counseling Support Center
Counseling Services
Counseling Support Center

Located in College Center Building 10, Room 340, the Counseling Support Center assists students to understand educational and career options and opportunities. Use the Counseling Support Center to:
  • help you understand how to become a student at College of San Mateo
  • schedule an appointment to meet with an educational or career counselor
  • learn about the variety of programs and services available at CSM
  • help you select a CRER course (Career and Life Planning) to meet you needs
  • research college majors
  • select a college major that is best for you
  • learn how to successfully transfer to a university
  • learn strategies that support student success
  • learn about how to plan your classes to meet your goals
  • get assistance to research careers, scholarships, and other educational institutions
  • learn how to earn college units for your work experience
Counseling Support Center staff are available to meet with students to answer questions about college and career planning. Contact staff members for assistance and appointments.

We offer a variety of Career Classes as well as personalized career search programs. Students learn to use the Eureka computerized career information system which can give them detailed information about different careers and majors. Eureka also has self-evaluation tests that can help students to narrow down their career choices. Use Eureka to get more information about these programs.