Communication Studies at College of San Mateo - Associate in Arts Degree: Communication Studies
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Communication Studies
AACommunication Studies

Degree Requirements

Complete general education and other requirements listed for the associate degree and

Major requirements: 18 semester units

A grade point average of 2.0 is required for the major courses.

COMM 110 Public Speaking 3.0 units
COMM 130 Interpersonal Communication 3.0 units
COMM 140 Small Group Communication 3.0 units
COMM 150 Intercultural Communication 3.0 units

Plus, select 6 units from courses below.

COMM 170 Oral Interpretation I 3.0 units
COMM 171 Oral Interpretation II 3.0 units
BUS 401 Business Communication 3.0 units
MGMT 220 Organizational Behavior 3.0 units
PSYC 110 Courtship, Marriage and Family 3.0 units
SOCI 110 Courtship, Marriage and Family 3.0 units