Communication Studies at College of San Mateo - Assignments for Kate Motoyama - COMM 120
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Communication Studies
Assignments for Kate Motoyama - COMM 130

Spring 2014

Syllabus & Other Information
  • Spring 2014 Syllabus (PDF)
The Three Types of Assignments for class: lab, speeches & presentations, tests

Lab Assignments

  • Lab assignments must be typed.
  • Note that the insightfulness, comprehensiveness, and grammatical accuracy of your response will affect total points earned. 

 Mandatory lab assignments 

  • View and analyze video of Mess to Success  (PDF)
  • Practice, videotape, and discuss interview rehearsal [before your in-class interview] (Word) or (PDF)
  • View and analyze video of interview  (Word) or (PDF)

  Additional lab assignments

  • Read and analyze COMM 130 students’ letters to future students (Word) or (PDF)
  • View and analyze sample CD-ROM/video of introductory speech
  • Practice, videotape, and prepare for paper bag speech
  • Self concept: building a resume (Word) or (PDF)
  • Family group project: your research question (Word)
  • Listening: staying present
  • Nonverbal: chronemics AND kinesics
  • Practice, videotape, and discuss family group presentation
  • View and analyze video of family group presentation