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Career Services
Career Tips/Resources

Application Form
Everyone knows how to complete an application form. Right? Wrong!!! You'd be surprised how many people are disqualified from job consideration due to simple errors that could have been avoided. Read the application form packet that follows to learn how to avoid many of these common errors while highlighting your qualifications. How to Complete an Application Form.

Finding Job Leads
So you know the type of work you're seeking and you have your resume ready to go. Now it's time to start applying for job leads.  But where do you look and what works best? Did you know that only 4-10% of those who apply for jobs using online sites are actually hired? With this in mind, you need to consider better job search tools. To learn about the best job search methods and how to use each one, click on: Finding the Best Job Leads.

Interviewing to Get the Job
Interviewing gives you a chance to nab the job you want and to start on a new career path.  But how can you distinguish yourself from the crowd and get that job? What are the strategies to use to project skill and confidence?  Did you know that 85% of interview questions can be anticipated and rehearsed ahead of time? To find out answers to these questions and how to prepare for your interview, click on: Interviewing to Get the Job.  

Learning About Careers of Interest  
So you're thinking about becoming a nurse, but don't know if you can handle the site of blood.  You're also considering becoming a forensic specialist because you've watched CSI and want to be able to solve crimes as they do on the show.  Before you make a decision based upon these scant details, do a little research -- read about these careers and talk with people who hold these jobs. That way you'll get the facts and make an informed decision. After all, you don't want to end up like 70% of workers who wish they could select another career. Take a little time to do some research now before making a commitment to a major and career. Click on: Learning About Careers of Interest.

Resumes and Cover Letters That Work
What's the purpose of having a resume? How does it help you find a job?  A resume is your marketing tool, similar to a brochure designed to promote a business's products or services. It should feature the skills and qualifications that the reader  -- a company "decision-maker" -- seeks so that he/she picks up the phone and contacts you for an interview. Do you have to include a cover letter? What's its purpose? Find out the role of each document and why a tailored cover letter is essential to include with each resume submitted. To obtain additional information about writing resumes and cover letters, please click on the the following link: Writing Successful Resumes and Cover Letters.

You can view and use the following sample resumes to create your own resume:
Career Information Resources
  • Glassdoor
    Glassdoor provides an inside look at salaries, reviews and interview questions posted by employees at over 100,000 organizations. Content includes actual interview questions and reviews for specific employers from previous interview candidates; specific salary, bonus, and commission details; and reviews of the company culture and working conditions.

  • Software Engineer Insider
    A unique and free website designed for students interested in the field of software engineering, computer science, computer engineering and related technology fields. It provides definitions, career ideas for software engineering, computer science and related majors as well as a list of ABET accredited programs and non-ABET accredited programs organized by state and presented in an easy-to-understand and navigate format.

  • Medical Practice Management