Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) at College of San Mateo - Center for Academic Excellence Committee
Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)

Center for Academic Excellence Committee

The Center for Academic Excellence Committee (CAEC) is an independent subcommittee of the College of San Mateo Academic Senate.


The Center for Academic Excellence Committee shall report and recommend to Council and advise the Dean of Academic Support and Learning Technologies regarding professional development activities. The primary focus and purview of the committee shall be faculty professional development and pedagogy, but the committee shall also oversee and facilitate professional development for staff, and other college employees. The CAEC may establish committees as needed on other professional development matters, as it deems necessary. All responsibilities of the CAEC shall be carried out in accordance with applicable State laws.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Oversee, develop and facilitate professional development activities for faculty and staff. Inform faculty of pertinent local and statewide opportunities for professional growth. Collaborate with college administration and staff to insure support and innovation regarding professional development. Collaborate with the Committee on Instruction, the College Assessment Committee, the division of Academic Support and Learning Technologies, and other relevant college programs and services to achieve high-quality instruction and student success.

Three Year Plan

The 2016-2019 Professional Development Plan was developed by CAEC, and approved by Academic Senate Governing Council on March 22, 2016. The plan was presented to Institutional Planning Committee on April 22, 2016.

Committee Structure

Center for Academic Excellence Committee shall consist of representatives from the faculty, as well as representatives from staff and administration. The faculty member serving as Professional Development Coordinator shall chair the committee. Each instructional division, including counseling, shall elect one representative to the committee; other committee members will include a library faculty representative, a staff representative, the Dean of Academic Support and Learning Technologies, and two student representatives. The chair will report at least monthly to Governing Council.
Name Representation  Email AddressPhone 
Anniqua Rana, Interim Dean of ASLT Administration (650) 574-6572
David McLain, CR & Marketing Classified Staff  (650) 574-6107
Michael Vargas, Counseling Student Services Instruction (650) 574-6251
Vacant Creative Arts/Social Science    
Vacant Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance    
Jing Wu Language Arts
(650) 574-6341
Lakshmikanta Sengupta Math/Science
David Laderman ASLT (650) 574-6302
Mondona Bathai Student Representative    
Ellen Young, Biology Chair  

Agendas & Meeting Summaries


Agendas Meeting Summaries


Agendas Meeting Summaries


Agendas Meeting Summaries


Agendas Meeting Summaries