Biology & Health Science at College of San Mateo - Associate in Science Degree: Biology: Pre-Nursing
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Biology & Health Science
ASBiology: Pre-Nursing

The Biology degree in Pre-Nursing prepares students to transfer to a four-year program at a baccalaureate institution. Upon completion of a bachelor of Science in Nursing, graduates choose from first level professional nursing staff positions in specializations which include community health, geriatrics, maternity, mental health, pediatrics, psychiatry, and surgery.

Degree Requirements
Complete General Education and other requirements listed for the Associate degree and

Major Requirements: 21-23 semester units

A grade point average of 2.0 is required for the major courses.

BIOL 240 General Microbiology 4.0 units
BIOL 250 Human Anatomy 4.0 units
BIOL 260 Introduction to Physiology 5.0 units

Plus 8 or 10 units from one of the following groups

CHEM 210 General Chemistry I 5.0 units
CHEM 220 General Chemistry II 5.0 units
CHEM 410 Health Science Chemistry I 4.0 units
CHEM 420 Health Science Chemistry II 4.0 units