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Athletic Training
Contact Us

Patrick FitzGerald

Athletic Trainer
(650) 574-6451

Jeremy Nicoloff
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Athletic Tip

Should you be injured or have pain, and
you're undecided as to what action should
be taken, we recommend R.I.C.E.

R   = Rest
  = Ice (15-20 minutes every three hours)
C   = Compression with an Ace wrap
E   = Elevation of injury above heart

The athletic training room is available to provide the highest quality medical care and education to CSM's student-athletes in order for them to perform at the best of their abilities.

The athletic training room is a co-educational facility open  to all student-athletes at College of San Mateo. The athletic training room provides the following services.
  • administration of physical sport screenings and recordkeeping
  • injury prevention advice and services
  • injury evaluation and first aid
  • referral to physician
  • follow-up injury treatment and rehabilitation
  • nutritional information
  • school insurance information and claim forms
  • career information and assistance