Assistive Technology Services at College of San Mateo - Trainings
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Fall 2016 Final Exams
December 11-17, 2016
Winter Recess
December 23 - January 2
Fall 2016 grades available
Wednesday, January 4
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Assistive Technology Services

Software Resources

In-Class Computer UseStudents can use assistive technology software in the Assistive Technology Center and in other labs on campus.

Keyboard Access for students with physical limitations and/or learning disabilities. There are keyboard adaptations for typing with one hand or limited hand use as well as word prediction for more efficient text input.

JAWS, screen reader for students who have visual impairments. Information from the screen is sent to a speech synthesizer. The synthesizer speaks what is on the screen.

Dragon Naturally Speaking, voice recognition software for students who have limited use of their hands. Students dictate text and speak commands instead of using the keyboard.
MAGic, large text on screen for students with visual impairments. Text and graphics on the computer screen can be enlarged and seen more easily.

Kurzweil 3000, scan/read text for students with specific learning disabilities. Students use this software program with a scanner to scan then read aloud their textbooks and/or written work.This auditory feedback improves comprehension and retention and assists with proofreading written work.

SmartPens - Echo And Pulse Smartpens are available for daily loan. These pens record the lecture as you write. You then download a PDF file that has your notes with audio for later review.