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AA-TMajor in Studio Art

Degree Requirements
Complete General Education and other requirements listed for the Associate degree and

Major requirements: 27.0 semester units
(Up to 6 units can be double counted for transfer GE)

A grade point average of 2.0 is required for the major courses.

Required Core Courses:

ART 102 Renaissance and Baroque Europe 3.0 units
ART 103 Roccoco to the Present 3.0 units
ART 201 Drawing and Composition I 3.0 units
ART 301 Design 3.0 units
ART 405 Sculpture I 3.0 units

Art History Restricted Electives. Select one course (3 units)

ART 101 Ancient World to Medieval Times 3.0 units
ART 104 20th Century 3.0 units

Select a maximum of one course from any of the following areas to total 9 units

Area 1: Drawing

ART 202 Drawing and Composition II 3.0 units
ART 206 Figure Drawing and Portraiture 3.0 units
ART 207 Life Drawing 3.0 units

Area 2: Painting

ART 223 Oil Painting I 3.0 units
ART 225 Acrylic Painting I 3.0 units
ART 124 Old Masters Aesthetics & Techniques 3.0 units

Area 3: Ceramics

ART 411 Ceramics I 3.0 units

Area 4: Digital Art

ART 315 Digital Printing and Mixed Media 3.0 units

Area 5: Photography

ART 351 Drawing and Composition II 3.0 units
ART 381 Figure Drawing and Portraiture 3.0 units

Area 6: Color

ART 214 Color 3.0 units

Area 7: Other Media

ART 231 Watercolor I 3.0 units
ART 236 Chinese Brush Painting 3.0 units
ART 245 Mosaic Mural I 3.0 units

Area 8: Advanced Courses

ART 224 Oil Painting 3.0 units
ART 226 Acrylic Painting II 3.0 units
ART 246 Mosaic Mural II 3.0 units
ART 406 Sculpture II 3.0 units
ART 352 Intermediate Black & White Photo 3.0 units
ART 383 Intermediate Digital Photography 3.0 units

General Education requirements:
Select courses to complete CSU General Education or IGETC or CSU. This degree does not require the CSM AA/AS General Education pattern.

Area A1 Oral Communication 3.0 units
Area A2 Written Communication 3.0 units
Area A3 Critical Thinking 3.0 units
Area B1 Physical Science 3.0 units
Area B2 Life Science 3.0 units
Area B3 Science Lab 1.0 unit
Area B4 Math Concepts 3.0 units
Area C1 Arts 3.0 units
Area C2 Humanities 3.0 units
Area C1 or C2 3.0 units
Area D Social, Polical, and Economic Institutions 9.0 units
Area E Lifelong Understanding 3.0 units


Area 1A English Composition 3.0 units
Area 1B Critical Thinking/Composition 3.0 units
Area 1C Oral Communication 3.0 units
Area 2 Math Concepts 3.0 units
Area 3A Arts 3.0 units
Area 3B Humanities 3.0 units
Area 3A or 3B 3.0 units
Area 4 Social and Behavioral Science 9.0 units
Area 5A Physical Science 3.0 units
Area 5B Biological Science 3.0 units
Area 5C Either 5A or 5B must be a lab course 1.0 unit

Additional CSU tranferable courses based on student interest to reach 60 transferable units total.