Apprenticeship Training at College of San Mateo - Sprinkler Fitter Apprenticeship
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Apprenticeship Training
Sprinkler Fitter Apprenticeship

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Sprinkler Fitters & Apprentices
Local UA 483
2531 Barrington Court
Hayward CA 94545
(510) 782-9483
The courses required for this degree are administered by the Sprinkler Fitters' Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee in conjunction with College of San Mateo. Registration is limited to those individuals fulfilling the related instruction requirements of the State of California as an indentured apprentice. For additional information contact the Sprinkler Fitters' JATC or the Technology Division Office at 650-574-6177.

Required high school preparation: at least 18 years of age, high school graduate or GED, one semester of algebra with a grade of C or higher, and one other semester of high school math with grade of C or higher.

Associate in Science Degree

Sprinkler Fitter 60 units

Certificate of Achievement

Sprinkler Fitter 35 units