Administration of Justice at College of San Mateo - AS: Major in Administration of Justice
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Administration of Justice
ASMajor in Administration of Justice

Degree Requirements
Complete General Education and other requirements listed for Associate degree and

Major requirements: 21 semester units

A grade point average of 2.0 is required for the major courses.

ADMJ 100 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 3.0 units
ADMJ 102 Principles and Procedures of the Justice System 3.0 units
ADMJ 104 Concepts of Criminal Law 3.0 units
ADMJ 106 Legal Aspects of Evidence 3.0 units
ADMJ 120 Criminal Investigation and the Justice System 3.0 units

Plus, 6 units from the courses listed below:

ADMJ 108 Community Relations and the Justice System 3.0 units
ADMJ 125 Juvenile Procedures 3.0 units
ADMJ 185 Introduction to Forensic Science 3.0 units