Administration of Justice at College of San Mateo - PC832 Training vs. Modular Format Training
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Administration of Justice
PC832 Training vs. Modular Format Training

PC832 Training
Successful completion of ADMJ 771 and 775 will give you PC832 Certification in the State of California.
These two courses are specifically for individuals who:
  • Need only PC832 for their jobs (limited duty peace officer classifications)
  • Need to recertify their PC832 certification
Some examples of individuals who need PC832 certification include:
  • Arson Investigator
  • Code Enforcement Officer
  • Park Ranger
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Transit Fare Inspector
If you are unsure of which class you should be in, check the job description regarding the requirements, to which certification is required. If the job you are interested in requires only PC832 certification, then you should attend ADMJ 771 - PC832 Arrest & Control Training and ADMJ 775 - PC832 Firearms Training (if required).

Modular Format Training
If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Police Officer or Regular Police Officer, you should be following the Modular Format Training pathway. This would require you to register for ADMJ 780 - Regular Basic Course Module III. The PC832 curriculum is incorporated in the Module III course.

While you are welcome to take the PC832 courses at College of San Mateo, please take into account that if you register later in the Modular Format courses, you will receive redundant training. Time spent in the PC832 courses will not be deducted from the required training in Module III.