Admissions & Records at College of San Mateo - Request a Transcript
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Admissions & Records
Request a Transcript

Fall 2016 grades will appear on transcripts January 4. Degrees/Certificates should be
posted to transcripts by February 15 or sooner.
We suggest you to view your
unofficial transcript prior to requesting the official transcript.

Transcript Services

College Center Building 10
Room 360
(650) 574-6165
A transcript is an official record of a student's academic work at College of San Mateo, Cañada College, and Skyline College. A single transcript will contain a student's work from all three colleges in the San Mateo County Community College District. You will need to only request one transcript if you attended multiple colleges in this District.

Your transcript contains work completed successfully and unsuccessfully, as well as any courses that were withdrawn after the registration deadline.

Your first two transcript requests in your lifetime are free; thereafter, transcripts are $5 each. A rush service is provided for an additional $10 cost only when requesting a transcript in the Admissions and Records office and requesting the transcript for immediate pick-up.

Processing Time
Transcript requests are processed within one business day. Transcripts are not printed on weekends or college district holidays.  Please refer to our Hours of Operation. Your transcript request will not be processed if there is a financial hold on your account for any unpaid fees.

Delivery Method
Transcripts are mailed using U.S. first class mail. Transcripts may also be requested for pick-up at the Admissions and Records office (Building 10, Room 360). A photo ID is required when picking up your transcript.
Unofficial Transcript
Students with academic records after Summer 1981 can view and print unofficial transcripts online through WebSMART by selecting the Student Records link and then Request An Unofficial Transcript. 

Requesting a Transcript
  1. Use WebSMART to make your request. Log in using your CSM student ID number or your Social Security number as your USER ID. Your default PIN is your six-digit date-of-birth, for example, May 18, 1976 is entered as 051876.
  2. Select Student Records and then Request Official Transcript.
Requesting a Transcript with an attachment or an Academic Record Prior to 1981

If you have a supplemental form that is to be mailed with your official transcript, e.g., LSAT, PharmCAS, etc., print the Transcript Request form. You can submit the completed form along with the supplemental form to the Admissions and Records office by fax, mail, email, or in-person.'

If you attended college prior to 1981, print and complete the Transcript Request Form.

Your transcript request may not be processed if you do not include payment information. submit the form to the Admissions and Records office by fax, mail, in-person, or by email.

Submit by fax to: (650) 574-6506
Submit by mail: College of San Mateo-Admissions and Records, 1700 West Hillsdale Blvd. San Mateo, CA 94402
Submit in-person: College Center Building 10, Room 360 during regular business hours.
Submit by email: