Admissions and Records at College of San Mateo - Residency
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Admissions & Records

It is not necessary to be a legal resident of California (as defined in the Education Code) in order to attend College of San Mateo. California State law requires that each student enrolled in or applying for admission to a Caifornia Community College provide such information and evidence as deemed necessary to determine his/her residence classification. The burden of proof to establish residence is on the student.

Students who have been California residents (as defined in the Education Code) for more than one year prior to the beginning of any semester are eligible to enroll as residents for that semester. Nonresident students are those U.S. citizens who have not been residents of California (as defined in the Education Code) continuously for one year prior to the start of the semester. They are required to pay a tuition fee of $215 per unit at the time of registration, in addition to other required fees paid by California residents. Nonresident students possessing “T” or “U” visas are exempted from paying the nonresident tuition rate. Students may be required to present documentary evidence of eligibility for classification as residents. For additional information, please visit our Fees page.

If you have been classified as a nonresident, please print out the Residency Reclassification Form, complete it and then submit it along with the required materials by fax at (650) 574-6506, by mail, or in person to the Admissions and Records office (Building 10, 3rd Floor).

Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request (AB540)
Students who have attended a California high school for three years AND received a California high school diploma or its equivalent (such as a GED), may be exempt from paying non-resident tuition. If you are qualified, please complete the AB540 Form and submit it by fax at (650) 574-6506, by mail, or in person to the Admissions and Records office (Building 10, 3rd Floor).

International Students
Residents of other countries may apply for admission as F-1 Visa students through the International Student Program. Special international student applications, related forms and additional information may be obtained at the International Education Program webpage.