Academic Senate at College of San Mateo - Goals
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Academic Senate
Goals: 2013-2014

Governing Council has identified the following areas as priorities for faculty in the 2013-2014 academic year:
  • Professional Development
    • SoTL Center Faculty Initiatives:
      • Reading Apprenticeship
      • Community College Teaching and Learning Program
      • Flex Activities Coordination
      • Speaker Series (in collaboration with the Diversity in Action Group, Basic Skills Initiative, ASCSM, and the President's Office)
  • Professional Engagement
  • Cross-Campus Communication: Breaking down the silos
  • Addressing Student Success Task Force Recommendations
At future Governing Council meetings, we will refine each as we develop specific objectives, action steps, and measurable outcomes to guide and track our progress in support of student learning, the revised college mission and diversity statements, and Institutional Priorities (as well as current college initiatives).

Highlights, Fall 2011 through Spring 2013

ASGC leadership and faculty driven initiatives in support of student learning and the college mission and diversity statements include the following:

Program Review
ASGC has revised program review documents and processes in collaboration with the Institutional Planning Committee and college administration. The Program Review Revision Group will continue its work into summer session and through the fall in preparation for the next annual program review cycle. 

Learning Support Centers Coordination Committee
In Spring 2012, we created an ad hoc Learning Support Centers Coordination Committee to effectively align instructional support services across Centers. The committee has now become a standing committee of the senate and will continue to coordinate, develop, assess, and implement high quality instructional services.

Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL Center)
We continue to develop our academic senate Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, which in 2012 included selecting and appointing two professional enrichment co-coordinators. The past year, Theresa Martin and Jeramy Wallace have done an outstanding job of leading SoTL Center planning. For the next year to two years, Reading Apprenticeship (RA) and the Community College Teaching and Learning Program (CCTLP) will be primary initiatives. For more information, contact either Theresa or Jeramy.

Learning Center Collaboration
Our BSI Committee collaborated with the Learning Center to fund and institutionalize two student success programs (summer bridge and peer mentoring) for first-time, underprepared students, and we advocated for a third Learning Center program (peer tutoring).

Student Transfer Programs
The Puente Project and Honors Project are off to a great start in their first year. Over the past two years, faculty have played a significant role in advocating for the creation of both of these transfer programs.

Transfer Reception (Spring 2013)
Faculty planned, organized, and hosted Stepping Up: A Transfer Tribute May 23, honoring this year's transfer students. We hope for this event to become an annual reception.   

Budget reduction (2011-2012)

ASGC worked effectively with college administration to responsibly address pressing budget reductions and recommendations for program discontinuance.

SB 1440 (AA-T/AS-T, Transfer Model Curriculum—degree alignment with CSU)
College of San Mateo has a 100% compliance rate, keeping on track with AA-T and AS-T degrees as they are approved statewide. Additionally, CSM faculty have been proactively representing their disciplines in statewide discussion and vetting processes to create and approve AA-T and AS-T degrees for the California Community College system.

Ongoing SLO assessment
As part of our program review revision and thanks to the ongoing work and commitment of our College Assessment Committee, we've created tools to help align course, program, degree, and General Education (GE) SLOs. And we are currently considering the feasibility of implementing ePortfolios as an additional tool to use in assessing student learning. 

Measure G funding
We continue to work collaboratively with college administration to allocate funding to programs and services in order to maintain the highest quality service to CSM students.